Riding all day requires smart fueling.  Starting and ending your day with the proper beverage is essential to continuous successful rides.  Ok so maybe these aren’t actually proper drinks when it comes to hydration…  But I sure do like a good brew whether it’s coffee or a good beer.  This page is a bit out of date, but is a listing of some of my favorite stops I’ve come across for a good brew.

North Carolina


  • Morning Times coffee shop makes great cup of Java.  I had two cups and they were both good!


  • Crank Arm Brewing – Very cool place and good brews.  Cyclist oriented.  Open air building.



  • Steel String Brewery.  I only had one here, the Big Mon IPA and it was GOOD!  This is where I met a cool group of guys who run the bike shops in town.  One of the guys, Mike, offered me up a place to stay!



  • Howard Brewing – If you are visiting Lenoir you better be visiting this place too!  Chances are you’ll meet the owner Jason who is a cool dude.  I suggest ordering a pizza from the next door pizza joint as well!



  • Crooked Door – Coffee and Wifi.  This shop had local art for sale on the same floor upstairs.  A couple days after going here I actually saw the barista up on top of Mount Mitchel.


  • Odds Cafe – Right next door to the hostel Bon Paul and Sharky’s.  Good coffee and a front window that opens to the street.  I sat right by the front of the building and was able to reach out for my bike when I needed something.


  • Wedge Brewing Company – This might have been one of my favorite stops in Asheville.  Down along the river and almost under the bridge this place is tucked away from the city and has a good backyard hangout feel.  Bean bags, food vendor, lots of outdoor seating, free peanuts, and an IPA express window.  You can’t go wrong here.


  •  Walk (Lounge & Kitchen) – Cool atmosphere corner building in west Asheville.  Open air, pool tables, good food and drinks.


  • Greenman Brewery – I didn’t get to enjoy one of these brews at the Greenman Brewery, but I did get to try it on tap at their taproom and restaurant, Jack of the Wood.  I also had one of their brews at the hostel and have been sporting their brew bottle cap for about 1000 miles now.  Perhaps I’ll find a replacement in Missouri.  The beers of theirs I tried were all good!


Bryson City

  • Nantahala Brewery – Bryson was a cool little town and if your rolling through I definitely recommend making a stop here.  Their were tons of brews on tap so I’m sure you’ll find something you will enjoy.




I didn’t get to experience a brew at a particular brewery, but their were a couple cool places I would suggest in Chattanooga.

  • Stone Cup – Tasty coffee right near the river park area.  There’s a lot nearby so it’s a good spot to check out!
  • Brewhaus – If you’ve had enough coffee, about a block away is the Brewhaus.  I suggest ordering a pretzel and a Chatt Brew IPA (if IPAs are your thing)… lots of good mustards to try and this combo was great!


  • The Flying Squirrel – This is another place I definitely recommend checking out.  It’s right next door to the hostel downtown and is an easy bike ride from the two places mentioned above.  TONS of beer on tap and really cool architecture.



Cape Girardeau

  • cup’n cork – If your looking for a coffee, beer, or wine this is the place.  I swung through for a coffee while I updated my blog.  An open mic started so I stuck around and had a beer while I enjoyed some good local music.  They’ve got decent food and their wifi is blazing fast too!


St. Louis

  • Sump Coffee – Great coffee (a bit pricey, but worth a try if you enjoy a good cup of coffee)


  • Bailey’s Burgers – Good brew selection, unique and tasty brews.



  • Java Jive – Good food and baked goods.  Good coffee and quick wifi.  Right downtown in Hannibal.



  • Front Street Brewery – I had a tasty IPA here.  Nice spot along the river with indoor and outdoor seating.  Davenport has a great riverfront.  There was a lot going on while I was in town.  I think I saw 3-4 live music venues.




  • Rockford Brewing Company – Newly renovated place in town.  Their beer continues to improve with each visit I’ve made and they’ve recently started serving food.  Located in a cool old building by the river, the atmosphere here is tough to beat.


  • Pig Minds Brewery – Although I didn’t stop here on my visit in town it deserves special mention since it’s one of my favorite brew spots in town.  All vegan brewery so you can probably find something you’ve never tried before for dinner.  Give it a try I bet you’ll like it.



Madison – Wisconsin has no shortage of brew spots and Madison is especially littered with great coffees and beers.  I visited a couple on my way through but there’s plenty of others worth visiting.

  • Memorial Union Terrace – Brat Stand, Babcock Ice Cream, beer vendors, and live music on Lake Mendota.  Great place to relax on a summer evening.


  • The Old Fashioned – Locally known for it’s cheese curds and Bloody Marys!


  • Collectivo Coffee – Milwaukee and Madison coffee chain with great coffee, baked goods, and food.  I always enjoy hanging out at the shop right downtown by the capitol building.


  • Honorable mentions not visited:  Ale Asylum, Capital Brewing



  • The Taphouse – Cool place right downtown.  We went here to drown our sorrows after the USA loss against Belgium in the World Cup. Cool patio on the roof and there was a great band playing up there too.  Most importantly there is a very good beer selection.
  • The Doggery – Prohibition themed speakeasy in the basement not far from the Taphouse.  Very cool atmosphere and also live music when I visited.  Good beer on tap.
  • Thursday’s on 1st – If you are in town on a Thursday in the summer swing downtown for live music, crafts, food, and beer vendors from a lot of good local restaurants.

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