Riding with Brad

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Hello, This is Jeff (aka Dad). As you probably know, I’ve been traveling with Brad for the last couple weeks as he worked his way across the plains of North Dakota and Montana. I thought it would be nice to … Continued

Over the Rockies

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Day 96 August 3rd – St. Mary to Avalanche Campground (Glacier National Park) Rise and shine!  Well… grumble, roll over, rub my eyes, curse under my breath and get up might be the correct phrase at 5:00 AM this morning. … Continued

Exit the flats

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After getting my fill of trains, plains, and inescapable sunlight the mountains are a welcome sight.  Montana and North Dakota present a vast open landscape and plenty of solitude.  Make sure you bring your sunscreen and mosquito spray… and a … Continued

Big Sky Country

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This is a 2nd post in the same day… so if you think you missed a few days then you’re probably right.  I snuck two blog posts in to spare you from blog overload. Day 89, July 27th – Wibaux, … Continued

Badlands & Big winds

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Why hello!  It’s been a while since the last update.  I’m splitting things up into 2 posts so it’s not such a big read.  This post is July 24th through July 26th. Day 86, July 24th – Hebron to Sully … Continued

Minnesota Touring

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Day 73, July 11th – Donn’s Bicycle Bunk House (Dalbo, MN) to Jordie’s Cafe (Bowlus, MN) I woke up to thunder and lightening this morning – happy to be under a roof!  I left my room to find Claude waiting … Continued

Back in the Saddle

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Day 58-68, June 26th to July 6th – Mantorville, MN (rest week…s) It sure was good to be home for a bit.  Apparently my legs needed the rest.  I found my daily episodes of leg cramping to be quite painful … Continued

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