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Well I’ve been busy!  And slacking on getting this blog running!  It’s difficult planning on how to pack my life into 4 panniers.  What am I doing with the rest of my stuff?  Well lets say there have been a lot of Goodwill trips!  It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over time.  And I move a lot, so it blows me away how much stuff I continue to find that I can get rid of.

The gear pile continues to grow and I’m starting to fear the final weight of this big rig.  I’m planning to load the bike up today and get an estimate of how much this beast ways.  Hopefully I don’t break Kevin’s scale.  I’ll be posting a more detailed gear list as a separate page that you can go to from the home page.  More to come, but for now here’s the latest picture I have… It’s actually a bit crazier around here since I last took this picture.

Gear pile
Gear pile

Let you know how the fully loaded ride goes!

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  1. Brad Martin

    Looks great man, can’t wait to track your journey!

    • Thanks Brad! I’ll see you for a ride in June I hope! (assuming Paul hasn’t sold his spare mtb)

  2. Sam Moffatt

    If you run out of beer along the way let me know, and I will get some delivery drones on it 😉

    • Haha yes! Let me know when you perfect that. I’ll gladly be your beta tester 🙂 I’m a good moving target!

  3. Natalie Byrne

    When you zip through Midwest let us know so we can come find you to cheer you on! Good Luck!

    • Thanks Nan! Might be a very uneventful cheering event. You might lose your voice waiting for me to get out of shouting distance 🙂

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