Not your carbon road bike…

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Well I finally loaded the bike this weekend with the panniers and all.  This thing is by no means a light bike.  I could hardly fit the thing through my bedroom door and into the kitchen to weigh it.  I’ve posted a couple pic of the loaded bike and the latest and greatest weight tally.


The tank in all its glory


Not sure how excited my legs will be when I hit the mountains



Weight weenies beware…

In other non-tour related news, the weekend was a very good one!  Got to get in the shop and get my hands dirty helping Brendan fabricate the latest and greatest prototype.  Always a good time.  The CNC plasma was way cool.

IMG_5126Nothing beats some good ole’ steel work


IMG_5129Good progress…


The man at work.

Special thanks to Luke at work for getting me to and from the mechanic and letting me use the 1up usa bike rack that he is sporting on his Subaru (made in Platteville USA!).  That thing rocks.  Also, Rock Cut is open so I got a good mountain bike ride in with Jason Garvens.  It’s been too long!  He loves having his picture taken.  I must post it for him.  Thanks for the ride Jason.

IMG_5154I want this bike rack


1st MTB ride of the year.  Always a magical event.

And on a final post… there are some interesting dinners in the works at the household.  Brendan and I have vowed to avoid grocery shopping and finish all of the groceries and food in the house.  Meals are getting interesting around here.  Last night was blue cornmeal pancakes with an ancient mason jar of apple pie beverage.  Tonight was spaghetti with a really old jar of garden tomatoes and some turkey sausage links.  With enough spices and hot sauce I think we will survive.


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  1. Carl knutson

    Good luck hope to see you when you get to bemidji

  2. will deuerling

    Go Brad! Go!!!!!

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