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I’m officially moved out of the Rockford area.  Sipping coffee from my handy dandy Ortlieb drip filter and creating today’s to-do list.  One week from today I will sitting in a plane flying to Virginia!  I’m glad I was able to work in a week at home before I take off.  It’s giving me a chance to run though my gear, take care of some neglected paperwork, and visit the family.  Plus it’s probably my last chance to spend some time at the house I’ve been calling home for the past 25 years.  My parents are moving into the country at the end of the month!


Last meal at the Rockton house.  Pumpkin pie filling? Pumpkin pancakes.  Tasty.


Nearly all of my belongings have been reduced to fit in a car.  Ready to roll.  No my car is not pulling that trailer… that would be impressive though.


The first time in a while I haven’t had a house/apartment key on my key ring.

IMG_4298The gear pile is pretty complete.  Just getting together a few food items and it will be ready to go.  The chair was an impulse buy at REI on my way home.  I sat in it to go through my checklist and the thought dawned on me that I might feel like sitting at the end of a long days ride.  Sitting on something that is not a bike seat anyways.  It folds down pretty compact.  Something tells me I wont regret this purchase.


Miscellaneous go pro mounts and chargers.  Why cant there be universal charging adapters.  One cord to rule them all…

IMG_5271 Hoping to get daily training rides in while home.  Monday was particularly windy.  Good North Dakota training.  This photo was right after an incredibly steep hill for Minnesota.  Definitely heading back to this one today.  I have to admit… *sigh*… had my bike been fully loaded I would have had to push my bike.  I almost had to push yesterday (unloaded) but I had extra motivation from a minivan that insisted on slowly creeping behind me rather than passing.  I think they found some joy in watching me suffer on the way up.  Glad I can help.


Oh coffee.  I’m glad we can still be together while on tour.

IMG_5265Of course, doing what moms do best.  Spoil there kids with delicious food.  Fueling up before the trip 🙂



Last I’ll finish today’s post with my favorite photo of the week.  A photo I think illustrates the pure bliss of riding a bike.  Here is my sister on her latest purchase.  Looks like I’ll have a riding partner for some fall riding the Pacific NW!



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  1. Jason Garvens

    Say hi to the motherland for me. Good luck! Don’t forget to contact me when you get close to St. Louis.

    • Hey Jason I will definitely let you know! That museum I was talking about was ‘City Museum’… Several people have told me to check it out. Hope it works out!

  2. Hi Brad – I enjoyed reading about the prep for your ride (hooray for spreadsheets!). I just wanted to give you some reassurance about the above mentioned REI chair. My Fiancee and I have 2 of the same chairs you purchased. They have been set up and utilized at almost every WORS race, Chicago Cross Cup race and quite a few other cycling related events for over 2 years now. Every time someone new sits in them they comment on how comfy and light-weight they are and when I show them the presto magic fold up trick they always want to know where to purchase. Pack the chair – you wont regret it! Good luck, Morleigh

    • Hi Morleigh. Thanks for the reassurance on the chair! I’m sure it will make a few of my future posts with me and my tired legs kicked up. Good lucks on your race season (If you are racing this summer – sounds like you frequent some fun events).

      Thanks for checking in, happy trails!

  3. Brads Sister

    I can’t wait til you reach Washington … I will have your yeti ready to go! 🙂 can’t wait to read about all your adventures!!!

  4. Sir Bradley, you should be down in my hometown about now. I admire your quest, and wish you the best of luck. Kitty Hawk sounds like an awesome place to start your ride. Hike up to the top of Jockey’s Ridge to get a really nice view before your departure, and enjoy the Wright Brothers memorial!

    • Bradley

      Thanks Eric. It’s been taking a little longer to get there then planned. Apparently lots of sand roads on the bay. I’ll be sure to look for your suggestions!

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