Grill out, Send off, Trek tour!

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I started this post over a week ago and never actually published it.  I think I figured out how to show this in chronological order in my blog, but my apologies if it does not work.

Lots going on in the final week or so in town.  Friends over on the weekend,  sneaking out of work to go tour the Trek bicycle headquarters, and more Goodwill trips.  Brendan and I manage to be staying alive on what appears to be an empty kitchen.  We’ve become quite clever with ways scrape together a meal… probably a useful skill for the road.  Some of our latest creations are:

IMG_5170Plenty of food here.

IMG_5166Ground chicken?

IMG_5162Just add spices.  Lots of spices.

IMG_5164Throw it in a pan.

IMG_5169And Voila!  Double decker BBQ chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries.


We soon started reaching out to near by food shelters, i.e. Brendan brought home left over conference room food…

IMG_5209Fish from the freezer.


Bon appétit!

I decided to use the smoker one more time before I left town and thought it would be a good opportunity to convince some friends to visit.  I picked up 1 1/2 pork shoulders on Friday night and got to work.  The pork was in the smoker about 10:30 PM and I think I pulled it out around 3:00 PM the next day.


Ready for the heat.


In the morning it was time to make the sauce!


Love this recipe.  In case you’re interested I’ll share the links for the recipes I used.  The Rub.  The Sauce. Also, if you like mustard flavor, this sauce is great too.


The best part about using the smoker.  Once the prep is done it’s time to relax and wait.


Company arrives!


And the feast begins!


Later in the evening I was surprised with this massive cake.  It was awesome.  And delicious.


Included with a great card!  Love the small edit.

During the craziness of my last week at work I was offered a chance to go tour the Trek Bicycle headquarters and of course could not refuse.  The tour was part of an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) which was great because we got a presentation from one of the engineers working with the analytical group.  The presentation was about some of the testing and analysis going on at Trek.  Lots of CFD and FEA analysis, aero studies in the wind tunnel and velodrome, vibration studies, high speed cameras, etc.  All great things for a bike geek such as myself to enjoy.  Did I mention their offices were amazing?  Bikes everywhere, huge monitors, and miles of private trails for lunch rides across the street.

IMG_5215I’m here!  Woohoo!


Lots of cool Trek relics on display.


And some of the new top end bikes used by the pros.  The cyclocross bike on the left is still covered in mud from Katie Compton’s championship race.


Some cool freebies.

Last day in town is fast approaching!  It’s been an action packed month of fun.


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